máquina diretamente do laser do baixo nível de ruído da máquina de corte do laser

Máquina de laser de máquina de corte a laser diretamente baixo ruído 4020


Área de corte: 1500 * 3000mm
Velocidade de corte: 80m / min
Graphic Format Supported:AI, PLT, DXF, BMP, DST
Aplicação: Corte a Laser
Condição: Nova
Cutting Thickness:Depends on material
CNC ou não: sim
Modo de Refrigeração: Refrigeração a Água
Software de Controle: Cypcut
Lugar de origem: Anhui, China (continente)
Certificação: CE
Garantia: 2 anos
Laser Source:MAX
Cooling way:Water cooling CWFL-1000W
Working voltage:220/50-60HZ
Transmission:Gear rack
Motor:Japan Fuji motors and drivers
Control system:CYPCUT control system
Following laser head:Yes
Product name:Fiber laser cutting

Detailed Parameters


Work tablesaw tooth work table
Working area (mm)1500x3000 mm
Laser power (walts)MAX 1000w ( 500w/ 2000w optional)
Tipo de laserlaser de fibra
Fonte de energiaAC380 50HZ
Position speed


Locating precision<0,01 mm
Resolution ratio≤ 4500dpi
Control configurationCypcut control system
Data transfer interfaceUSB(offline)
Forma de refrigeraçãoWater cooling CWFL-1000W
Compatible SoftwareCorelDraw, Photoshop, AutoCAD
Machine packingVeneer case


Advantages of Fiber Laser Cutter


1.High Efficiency--The rapid cutting speed is two times higher than normal laser cutting machine.

2.Environment friendly--Laser cutting will not creates any gases for the special cutting technology for steel sheet.

3.Lower Consumption--The power consumption is 20%-30% lower than ordinary laser cutting machine.

4.Maintenance-free--For the fiber laser cutter, the reflect lens are no needed. It will help to save a lot of time when optical path is adjusted. The laser generator with longer lifetime which no need maintaince during usage


1) May we know the speed of your Fiber Laser Cutting Machine as per on our demand basis?

Equiped with Japan Servo motor and driver with big strength, the max. moving speed 100m/min, max cutting speed 40m/min. And the speed can reach 1.5-2m/min if cut 4.5-5mm stainless steel.

2) To accuracy, we have observed that after some time "Machine accuracy can increase gradually" and after long time, the difference reach to its maximum level. How about your machine?

The frame of the machine is annealed, to support shock resistance(the machine will deform if without annealing ). So the accuracy of the machine can keep its original accuracy for 4-5years. The weight of the machine can reach 4.5t-5.0t. It also can let the machine have higher accuracy and higher stability.

3) Can power be controlled with two layers (one cut another mark) in which cut and mark on one metal part?

Yes, it can cut and mark through adjusting the power.
4) Automatic search edge function is available? In which machine can auto detect or auto detect cutting?
Yes, this unite has automatic search edge function.
5) Power off cutting memory function available? In which if power off sudden then start from the break point.
Yes, the item has breakpoint memory function. So it can continue cutting if the power off suddenly.